Zünd smart vision automates pattern matching

At R+T (Hall 1, Booth B78) in Stuttgart, Germany, Zünd is proud to present its latest innovative solutions for cutting printed and patterned fabrics. Manufacturers involved in textile processing all over the world are looking to Zünd high-performance cutting systems for automating their workflows – from optical registration to pattern matching and computer-assisted picking/sorting.

Complex awnings, large-format shade sails, digitally printed custom umbrellas – the range and diversity of sun-protection solutions is growing steadily and demands increasingly productive and reliable cutting processes. Zünd's turnkey digital cutting solutions are a perfect fit for this kind of production environment, offering high production capacity, perfect cut quality, and maximum flexibility. Combining intelligent optical capture technology with reliable high-performance cutting and state-of-the-art software, Zünd systems are unmatched when it comes to productivity and cost of ownership. Personalized and digitally printed fabrics are steadily growing in popularity, which forces manufacturers to modernize processes throughout their production. Digital workflows help make producing even small quantities easy and profitable. Zünd cutting solutions include all the components that are essential for maximizing flexibility in digital cutting workflows.

Manual matching of patterned or textured cut pieces is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process and therefore notoriously unprofitable. To eliminate these inefficiencies, Zünd has developed a turnkey, automated system that optically captures repeat and textured fabrics. For these types of fabrics, parts need to be adjusted to the pattern of the actual material so the pattern matches perfectly when the cut pieces are sewn together. In addition, the system also has to compensate any material distortions during the cutting process.

The key component of Zünd's solution, the Over Cutter Camera OCC, captures pattern and contour in a single image. The software automatically compensates for any material distortions or deviations in the repeat and optimizes the cut path. This ensures the cut pieces will match perfectly when they are sewn together. This saves time and helps manufacturers manage and take full advantage of the growing diversity of patterned and printed fabrics. New optics have considerably improved the pattern-matching process and, together with the state-of-the-art software controlling it, significantly increase throughput, maximize yield, reduce production costs, and create highly efficient production workflows.

Zünd's turnkey digital cutting solutions offer high production capacity, perfect cut quality and maximum flexibility.