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Digital cutting at an industrial level

Our cutting systems and automation solutions sustainably increase the profitability of your packaging production. Our product offerings include anything from automatic tool changers to collaborative robotics and fully integrated production lines with total material-handling automation.

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A Zünd cutter lets you create packaging prototypes and samples in the same quality as can be achieved in the production process. Set-up times are exceedingly short, which lets you react to any changes quickly and with great flexibility.

Small Batch Production
Digital production

Time and flexibility are key factors in low-quantity production of packaging and displays. Digital cutting technology gives you the flexibility you need, even with last-minute orders that are highly customized.

POP and Displays

POP displays are an eye-catching opportunity for presenting merchandise at the point of purchase/sale. With innovative software tools for assisting with design and state-of-the-art technology for digital cutting, we can offer tailor-made solutions that meet all your requirements.

Foam Inlays
Foam inserts

Foam is ideal for use as protective packaging. They can be custom-cut or routed for packaged goods, an application for which Zünd can provide you with just the right solution. 


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Zünd cutters are entirely modular, the configuration possibilities virtually endless. The Product Finder helps you find what you are looking for more quickly.

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