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»Premium, Premium, Premium«

»Premium, premium, premium« - this just about sums it up for Carton Ideen GmbH. And they have the premium cutting systems to prove it...

Carton Ideen GmbH Since December 2007, Carton Ideen GmbH has been synonymous with creative, premium-quality packaging solutions. With a young, highly motivated team of 10 employees, the company produces high-end mailings, packaging, packaging designs, displays, specialty & custom advertising products. Among its many satisfied clients are some prestigious names from within and outside Swiss borders, including the Swiss Postal Service, Papyrus, and many others. Approx. 90 % of the company’s business is generated in Switzerland, while the remaining 10 % comes from Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the Benelux countries. Carton Ideen insists on one thing: only the best is good enough. This becomes evident as soon as you enter their facilities - a creative and innovative spirit emanates from every member of the team.

Premium quality and what it entails
To meet the company’s exceptionally high quality standards, Josef Weber, Carton Ideen’s CEO has put in place an ultra-modern, perfectly coordinated fleet of high-end machinery. From the beginning, the company has never shied away from investing in top-quality equipment.

In February of 2008, the first Zünd cutter, a PN-series M-800, was put in operation. Within 6 months, it had paid for itself!

As soon as November 2010, two more M-800 cutting systems with automatic material advance and sheet feeder were added. “The Zünd was an obvious choice from the start, because to us it was extremely important - and still is - to be able to deliver production-quality samples to our customers,” says Josef Weber. “Our geographic proximity to the supplier played an important role as well. This made the installation and support so easy. We were able to test-cut all our materials beforehand at Zünd’s customer information & support center.“

Further expanding their applications portfolio, the company also purchased a digital printing press.

Individual Mailings
Today the typical Carton Ideen GmbH order consists of highly individual, personalized mailings. All phases of production, from design to sampling to finished packaging is handled in-house. Because of the high degree of individualization, the need for flexibility is enormous. Zünd cutters deliver this type of flexibility, where customer requests and changes need to be accommodated up until the very last minute. For the Swiss postal service, for instance, all special and direct mailings are prepared for immediate distribution. The company also produces very limited editions, e.g. a series of special, customized VIP invitations. There is no limit to the imagination. Everything is possible.

Looking to the future
“With our Zünd cutting systems, we are well prepared for the future and any challenges it may bring. Having moved into a new building, we now have plenty of space and are already making plans for future expansions.” With confidence, Josef Weber predicts: „We will be making our next equipment purchase again with Zünd.“