Efficient and productive

Projection System

The projection system visually supports the user through all phases of production: from setup and automatic or interactive nesting, to picking/sorting of cut parts.

L3 material hold-down

Material hold-down and cutting surface

The L3 leather cutter work surface consists of a highly stable aluminum plate and is divided into individually controllable vacuum zones. A stepless variable, energy-efficient vacuum generator creates optimal material hold-down.

L3 flexible tool configuration

Flexible tool configuration

Define the functions your L3 leather cutter needs to perform and freely combine up to seven tools from the Zünd tool kit for different tasks.

Workflow efficiency

Production and loading/unloading of materials on the L3 cutting system occur at the same time. A green LED light signals which area can be safely accessed at any given time.

L3 integrated, automated tool initialisation - ITI

Integrated, automated tool calibration

Quick, precise, efficient: the setup of the cutting tool occurs automatically with a permanently-installed initialization system. This eliminates manual procedures and test-cuts for determining proper cutting depths.

L3 control panel


The slanted work area facilitates loading and unloading of the L3 digital cutter. For optimal accessibility, the control panel can be moved as needed.

L3 direct drive

Speed by design

The exceptional productivity of the L3 cutter stems from its smart motion control, precise drive system and fine-tuned cutting technology.

The right cutter for every segment