Model BHS
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Model decides for the Zünd BHS

Model AG Weinfelden decides to purchase fully automated Zünd G3 Cutter with Board Handling System (BHS) for producing lower-volume digitally printed jobs.

Model AG Weinfelden is both the oldest and largest corrugated plant in the Model Group. Originally founded as a hand-pulping factory in 1882, the Weinfelden location became the cradle of the entire multinational concern. The paper mill Thurpapier, also part of the group, is located in Weinfelden as well and supplies the raw materials for the cutter. Worldwide, Model Group employs a workforce of approx. 3,100, with 570 employees situated at the Weinfelden facilities. The company‘s state-of-the-art equipment list includes die presses, flexographic printing presses, die-making and custom equipment.

For smaller digital runs, e.g. displays, POP products, and folding boxes, the company began looking for a cutting system that would be fast, precise, and reliable. It also needed to offer complete automation in terms of material handling; board loading/unloading without operator intervention was a prerequisite. Finally, Model AG was also very concerned about obtaining competent, dependable service &  support. Since the machine would be processing 1.60 × 2.20m corrugated cardboard sheets, Model AG decided to go with a configuration that included the Zünd G3 L-3200 and the fully automated board-handling system BHS.

Working three shifts

The G3 L-3200 cutting system with BHS runs practically unattended for three production shifts per day. A stack light indicates the status of the machine. In addition, Zünd Cut Center 2.0 sends out an email as soon as operator intervention is required. The board feeder automatically loads the material onto the cutter, and stacks of cut boards can be removed from the stacker as soon as they are finished. While the cutter is producing, ZCC 2.0. can be used for preparing subsequent jobs for processing.

Custom orders gain new customers 

„We have gained new customers with special orders produced on the G3 cutter. For example, we were able to create a display for which each panel was printed differently,“ recounts Clemens Lembe, Product Designer at Model AG. „We‘ve also used the cutter to salvage jobs; in one instance, a cut-out had been left out in the die-cutting process. Because of the cutter‘s precise camera-registration capabilities, we were able to add the cut-outs after the fact, averting considerable extra production cost. We have also made use of the G3‘s precision for producting drilling templates for washing machines.“ 

Accurate calculations 

Because of the Cut Time Estimator in ZCC 2.0, we can accurately predict our production times for every job. Even if we make adjustments to the cut file, we can now make correct calculations both for the customer and our own production planning. Clemens Lembe concludes: „With the G3 L-3200 cutter and BHS, we can count on fast throughput and quick turnaround. As a high-performance cutter, the G3 has thoroughly proven itself, and we have complete confidence in the system. Zünd‘s service, too, has always been competent and reliable.“