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Zünd Becomes Stickers4's Game-Changing Investment

Stickers4 digitises the cutting process with Zünd S3 L-1200 for increased speed and quality.

Based just outside of Winchester in the heart of the beautiful Hampshire countryside, Stickers4 was born in 2003 (originally known as HolloGraphics Ltd) to husband and wife team Dan and Alex Rye. 

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Fuelled by a passionate team, cutting-edge technology, and impeccable design, Stickers4 have been at the forefront of delivering seasonal window graphics for independent retailers, cafes, and restaurants. The company specialises in short-run custom printing of stickers, labels, and business parking permits, and that's just the beginning. Fuelled by Dan's unwavering passion for sportscar racing, the journey continues with the birth of a sister company, StickeredUp4LeMans Ltd. As the sole licensed supplier of stickers and decals for the illustrious 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race held each year in France.

Dan Rye Owner of Stickers4 said “At Stickers4 we’re obsessed with quality and always looking at improving our manufacturing process. Since our stickers were traditionally cut manually using cutting rules and guillotines, the next step in our evolution was to digitise our cutting process. I didn’t have to look far because I always knew Zünd would be a great investment. The brand held mythical status within our industry. However, I still did my due diligence and looked at other brands because this was a big investment for our business. After making enquiries, I quickly understood why the Zünd brand is held in such high regard. Right from the first contact we were very impressed by the level of attention and care given by everyone at Zund UK.”

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Reflecting on a successful demonstration, Dan said “When we eventually travelled to the Zund UK demonstration centre in St Albans, we instantly saw the added value and decided it was a worthwhile investment. The difference in build quality, material handling, and speed compared to other manufactures was like night and day. Following our demonstration, we proceeded with ordering the Zünd Digital Cutter S3 L-1200.” 

Stickers4 took delivery on their Zund cutter at the end March 2023 and spared no time in integrating their new digital cutter into their workflow.  Dan said “We are so excited that our Zund cutter is now fully operational. This amazing piece of technology has enabled us to increase the speed of our production and quality of our end products, which is great news for us and our customers.”

Since the installation, Sticker4 has seen a 400% increase in productivity and the finish quality has been “game changing!” Dan said, “The Zünd cutter has really revolutionised our business and we can’t wait to unlock more possibilities for our customers.” 

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“The Zünd cutter has really revolutionised our business and we can’t wait to unlock more possibilities for our customers.”
Dan Rye
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