Zünd: unmistakably sustainable

courtyard with natural pond

Our green side

As a company with operations across the globe, we are highly aware of our responsibilities to protect the environment. We strive to limit the environmental impact of our products and activities as much as possible and to utilize sparingly the resources we have been given. We in no way wish to endanger the potential of future generations but instead strive to balance our economic, ecological and social responsibilities, and use them as guiding force behind our company’s activities and goals.

roof greening at Zünd Systemtechnik AG

Our facilities

Our facilities reflect Zünd’s ecological mindfulness, which is meant to be seen and felt both on the outside and the inside. Natural landscaping and sustainable modern architecture embody our care for people and the environment. In winter we use an energy-efficient natural gas heating system to supplement the passive solar heating provided by the predominantly glass exterior. In the summertime we create a cool but environmentally friendly climate with sensor-controlled windows and shades. All our buildings feature roofs with extensive greenscapes true to the motto "What we have taken from the ground, we are giving back on the roof."

1. Minergie-P industriebuilding of switzerland

Switzerland‘s first Minergie-P industrial building

All of the technology underlying the construction of this building, including the dense, insulated building envelope, is in compliance with the stringent Minergie-P requirements. A geothermal system consisting of a heat pump with 6 loops to a depth of 210 meters, serves as energy source. The Minergie-P building uses 5x less energy and has less than 20% of the CO2 emission typical of a conventionally-built modern facility. 

photovoltaic systems on the roof

Photovoltaic system

Since summer 2013, a photovoltaic system with an output of 112 kWp and an area of 740 m2 has been in operation. The solar modules face east and west since our primary focus is not on maximum power generation and pay-back, but on making the best-possible use of the energy we produce ourselves throughout the course of the day.

production department of Zünd Systemtechnik AG

Procurement and manufacturing

The primary ecological concerns that govern our production lie in the efficient utilization of energy and resources. With an eye on future generations, we put a great deal of emphasis on careful, environmentally - conscious use of resources. For this reason, we favor suppliers in close proximity to us: approximately 75% of the components that go into our cutting systems are supplied by companies within a 20 km radius. 

Our products

In terms of sustainability, the longevity of our products is a crucial factor. The longer we can extend the lifecycle of our cutting systems, the lesser the impact on the environment. Innovative technology and high-quality manufacturing guarantee low maintenance costs. Robust construction delivers reliable performance throughout the life of our products. We go to great lengths to make our cutting systems as energy-efficient as possible with optimized drive technology, carefully designed material-handling systems and state-of-the-art vacuum generators. Reduced energy requirements are critical in making our products sustainable. 

ISO 9001/14001 Logo

Environmental management system

Our comprehensive environmental management system, in place since September 2009, is ISO 14001 certified. By implementing a management system compliant with standards recognized worldwide, we have created the tools for the systematic management and documentation of our company’s environmental impact. Following theses requirements demonstrates our desire to take responsibility for our actions, to assess and continually minimize any negative impact of our processes, products and services.

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