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Zünd cuts leather. Productively

At Simac in Milan, Italy, February 20 - 22, 2018, Zünd is exhibiting highly modular cutting solutions for the shoe and leather-goods industries. Zünd cutting systems are geared towards efficient, flexible production with one goal in mind: increased productivity and profitability.

Zünd is among the world's leading suppliers of integrated digital cutting systems. At Simac, from February 20 to 22 (Hall 18, Booth H42/K47), Zünd is presenting a complete spectrum of digital cutting solutions. Zünd's automated, highly modular cutters offer perfect cut quality, extraordinary versatility, and unsurpassed productivity for all applications involving leather processing. As part of a complete digital workflow including MindCut Studio software, Zünd cutting systems optimize leather processing – from hide capture to computer-assisted picking/sorting.

Zünd cutting solutions significantly change the nature of labor-intensive processes such as shoe fabrication. Zünd cutters are geared entirely towards automated digital production. This allows manufacturers to produce shoes and bring them to market in the shortest time possible while minimizing material usage. Furthermore, because of their unique modularity, Zünd cutters are also capable of processing a wide range of materials in addition to leather, using different tool options.

This type of advanced digital leather-cutting workflow demands a seamless flow of data. With MindCut Studio, the user is perfectly equipped with software designed to meet the demands of a highly discerning market. The software automatically optimizes cut paths and makes adjustments depending on the material and tool being used. An integrated nesting module lays out pieces on the leather automatically, always aiming to provide optimal yield. In view of the rising cost of leather and limited availability, maximizing material usage without compromising quality is critical to making leather processing productive and profitable. Another game-changer in leather processing is cutting time. With the dual-beam D3 system, Zünd offers an ultra-productive cutting solution. With two beams, each capable of carrying up to three tool modules working simultaneously, the D3 is capable of processing whole hides twice as fast as a single-beam system. In combination with MindCut Studio and a projection system for visualizing cut pieces, the Zünd D3 cutter is the perfect high-throughput solution for automated leather processing.

Zünd cutting solutions are equally unsurpassed when it comes to cost of ownership. Zünd systems are known for their reliability and value retention, minimal maintenance costs and down-time. Because of the advanced level of automation they provide, Zünd cutters also significantly contribute to reducing labor costs.