Two beams for maximum productivity

The D3 sets new performance standards with its innovative double beam system. The two beams can each be equipped with up to three different modules and enable the doubling of the material throughput in one fell swoop. The intelligent cutter controller allocates the jobs optimally between the two beams and thus ensures the highest possible productivity.

Precision at the highest level

Zünd D3 cutters are precision machines. From the direct drive to the blade, all components are perfectly streamlined with one another. Produce your jobs efficiently at the highest level of quality. Impress your customers with perfect products.

Modular cutter concept

Right in line with the modular design concept, the D3 can be adapted to new requirements at any time. With this unique modularity, the D3 offers the highest degree of value retention and investment security. Define your production requirements and put together a tailor-made cutter configuration from the Zünd kit concept. Upgrades and expansions are always possible.

Best price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio of the D3 cutter series is excellent. Only the most modern technologies and highest quality components are used. The flexibility, reliability, and quality of the D3 cutter are unique and unrivaled.

One machine, countless functions

The right cutter for every segment