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manual loading

Tandem material loading

In this type of tandem or “pendulum” production, loading/unloading occurs on one side, while cutting continues without interruption on the other. This setup increases workflow efficiency, keeps idle time to a minimum and maximizes throughput.

fully automated loading - BHS

Board Handling System

High volume, stringent quality requirements, unsurpassed flexibility... the G3 Board Handling System lets you produce around the clock with minimal manpower! Fully automated board loading and unloading provides the ultimate in workflow efficiency. Personnel requirements are limited to bringing in/removing pallets of stacked sheets or boards. The Zünd G3 cutter and Board Handling System are designed for 24/7, non-stop operation.

Board Handling System - BHS-150

The unique combination of fully automated material handling and powerful digital cutting capabilities is key to producing at an industrial level. The Zünd BHS150 extends the operating time while decreasing operating costs.

roll-off systems

Feeding of rolled material

Each material has characteristics that dictate which type of roll-off system works best. To accommodate a widest-possible range, Zünd offers different types of roll-offs for its range of cutting plotters.

center winder

Center winder

Expand your production capacity with a G3 center winder! The robust design of this roll-off system permits processing rolls up to a weight of 100 kg/220 lbs. Ingenious mechanics provide constant material tension and facilitate advancing even the most challenging textiles without wrinkles or stretch.

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